About :
A prelude to the zeal behind ‘BLUEPRINT’  
We are a team of professionals, super passionately in love with anything and everything to do with People Development and that is what has driven us to deliver concrete results with all our clients.  
We walk with you and help you to envision your journey and destination and create your own “Blueprint” for exceptional performance and fulfillment in the areas of life you choose to master.  
Promoting a culture conducive to innovation and happiness is the key to booming productivity and growth and we partner with you in that. We play the role of mediators in helping people bust programmed myths and mindsets which has lead to formation of a restricted self-image and thereby an inhibited life.  

We facilitate individuals and organizations to rationally detach and go outside themselves to enable a more intuitive, insightful and innovative reinterpretation of the challenges and problems they encounter.

Our approach is unconventional and experiential and we work with complete involvement as your ally in transformation. The unique ‘Gurukul’ form of education ensured that students were engaged through every domain right from Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. This lead to their holistic metamorphosis into winning and contributing members of society. We draw our inspiration from this ancient wisdom and fuse it with our fresh and contemporary approach to add that magic into our work.  
To inspire people to be fully alive and bring out the best in themselves and each other and in turn lead to happier, and passionately performing individuals, teams and organizations.  
To be the most preferred learning partner globally by making a contribution in bringing about irreversible positive changes in people and organizations  
Empathy: Apart from seeking answers to our problems all of us want to be understood. At Blueprint we believe completely in a non-judgmental and consultative approach where we get into the root of the issues and uncover our clients’ needs fully before prescribing any solutions.  
Action-Centeredness: It’s our constant focus to anticipate your needs, proactively, respond to them and also exceed your expectations.  
Genuineness: We believe in being honest and true to our work and you. We are real and authentic and that is the true essence of Blueprint.  
  We are Proud of Our Clients: