Learning & Development

Learning & Development

With the Team Blueprint working with you, your organizational learning and development objectives get the much-needed fuel to fire up employee productivity and make them ready for the challenges of tomorrow. We undertake a systematic approach to inculcate bespoke learning and development programs. This way, your people learn new things needed to boost their productivity and get them ready for the next level of responsibilities within your organization.

We begin with a Developmental Need Analysis, which focuses on those competencies that are actually needed and weed out the unwanted things. Once the learning needs are ascertained, we develop the module and content to help in fulfilment of the L&D objectives. We also have the Managerial Level Assessment with our MDP programs and TTT programs to drive the emergence of in-house facilitators.

List Of Learning & Development

DNA (Developmental Need Analysis – Structured & Unstructured)

After having understood the verbal/communicated content of training interventions, we run a structured questionnaire to a sample group of cross-functional & cross-roles wise employees of the organization. Post that, an analysis is done in a 4Q Form along the Important & Necessary Dimensions. The purpose is to ascertain root level training needs, which are inevitable to their performance.

Pre & Post Workshop Assessment

This phase too, involves structured approach and to a certain extent group evaluation, through simulations pertaining to their job/function.

Module/Content Designing

After having understood & clarified the learning needs of your people, we design both, the concepts & experiences through a robust experiential methodology module. The purpose being every training intervention need to give a hands-on experience to the learner.


It is our unique capability to give a variety filled experiences to the learner. We adhere to flexibility in order to be mindful of the Learning Style of each participant and hence, model our way of facilitation using various learning technologies. The end result intended is that each experience needs to address human 'Mind & Heart' which, by default, dovetails into individual reflections.


Managerial Development Program is a 'high powered' (content & facilitation process) intervention buckled with “Twelve Managerial Competencies”, which are relevant for managerial effectiveness. These 3-Day interventions are spaced out so that the learners can do some 'home-work' in order to implement the insights into their work place functioning/behavior followed by their observations and further challenges.


Blueprint believes in creating in house facilitators with a solid foundation in terms of knowledge /content and learning methodology. Hence, this program intends to equip participants with training principles to various learning methodologies.

Competency Based Programs

Each organization has different competencies in order to achieve business results and people growth. Blueprint partakes in such endeavor of any organization. We focus on three elements:
a) Content/definition of a competency defined by the organization,
b) Desired level of fluency/development of each competency,
c) Tactical elements of job content of participants.
Hence, we design our content & methodology in order to do total justice to the competencies as well as the participants.