Outbound Experiential Learning

Learning and Development:

Structured assessment of training needs  
  • Pre-work analysis
  • Planning strategic training interventions
  • Delivery
  • Post-work assessment
  • Follow-up interventions
Experiential Learning through Outbound Training consists of outdoor and indoor adventure activities and simulations, which are designed with specific learning objectives. Each activity is accompanied with serious reflection and intense discussion during the de-briefing where the entire experience is processed.
Experiential Learning in the outbound is highly symbolic in nature and the comparisons to workplace take place in a safe and creative environment for the participants.
The training can be conducted in any place where there is ample space and natural surroundings like a resort or a jungle.
The generous dose of play and thrill coupled with intense learning makes OEL very exclusive.

Why Outbound Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning engages all senses of the participants and also triggers their heart and mind which leads to powerful impact and learning.
Participants are pushed to break their comfort zone and exceed the boundaries they have defined for themselves.
They easily drop their masks and discover the real and latent facet of their team mates and also get more insight about their working style and behavioral pattern.
The insight and innovation created by these programmes enhances relationships, courage, problem-solving and overall motivation.
To move from fear and confined mindset to possibilities of unlimited achievement and courage OBT is the best weapon.
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