Our Team

Shilpi Jhunjhunwala

Shilpi Jhunjhunwala is the Founder and partner of Blueprint Learning & OD. Hailing from a business family, the art of building winning relationships and comprehending the pulse of clients needs is inbuilt in her DNA.....
Shilpi’s business wisdom, pragmatism, authenticity, humility and integrity makes all our clients bank on her. Whether it is a conglomerate or a SME, she has the finesse to build long term relationships with every one of them. She has an intuitive understanding of their needs and offers a consultative marketing approach.
At heart Shilpi says she will always be a sales and marketing professional and is well-versed with varied nuances of the human resource and training industry.

Deepti Baliga Nayak

Deepti Baliga Nayak is a psychologist with deep love for people development. Behavioural, Attitudinal and Soft Skills have been her forte in facilitation work and she has been into training since 15 years. The uniqueness of individuals and organizations.... and the challenge of reaching out and making a difference every day fuels Deepti as a transformation catalyst.
Deepti completed her Masters in Psychology from Mumbai University and has worked in industries like education and counselling as well. She is a certified in Transformational Learning, Experiential Learning, NLP Practitioner, Coaching, Silva Mind Control Practitioner and a Hypnotherapy. She is one of the co-founders/partners with Blueprint Learning & OD.
Her facilitation style is vibrant, encouraging, and compassionate and aimed at making every participant feel involved and affirmed. She believes in a healthy combination of appreciation with confrontation and fun with learning to help people expand their self-awareness and break out of growth limiting boundaries.
Helping people and organizations to discover and believe in their real strengths and use them to the fullest is her vision. Facilitation work is a medium for converting that vision into reality.


Born and brought up in a traditional, business family Mahesh completed his engineering in textiles domain so that he could be a part of the family business. The quest for personal enrichment, spirituality, the joy of sharing knowledge and empowering people ....brought him into the fascinating field of learning and development and today he is a Business Consultant and an Entrepreneur.
He draws a lot of insights from the wisdom of the Vedas and great epics like Mahabharata, especially Bhagavad Gita and fuses it with the philosophies of modern management gurus. He is also a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach and Certified in Transformational Learning.
He uses his sharp observation, candid communication and high perceptiveness to bring in meaningful insights, which have helped individuals and teams to empower themselves. He has dexterity in facilitating conflict resolution process at various levels. His forte is to conceptualize strategic workshops and organizational development interventions, designing assessment and development centres and facilitate behavioural and attitudinal workshops.


Tony Correa is a behavioural scientist, organization development strategist, psychotherapist and Coach and is among the prime consultants and senior most facilitators at Blueprint.
Tony has a rich experience of 20 plus years ranging from HR Development Systems....and Design to Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Competency Mapping, Process Consultation, Designing Learning & Development Initiatives & Facilitation of high end behavioural training programs. He has handled HR and Learning and Development roles in senior positions with various corporates.
He has post graduated in Philosophy & Psychological Counselling from Sacred Heart College, Chennai and also done MBA in HR from Symbiosis. In addition to this he has a certification in Strategic Planning Process & Experiential Learning (Outdoor technology) Methodology Development. He has designed & developed Learning Measurement Tools, L&D Processes, Competency Mapping Framework, and Career Growth Roadmaps with an OD approach. Tony is a continuous learner & voracious reader with a reflective bent of mind and has numerous certifications in areas ranging from NLP, Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Therapy, Profiling Tools like FIRO-B, DISC and many more.
Tony’s facilitation style is unique, fierce, insightful and thought provoking. Tony has exceptional observation and excellent oratory skills. which force participants to reflect within. Tony is A creative System & Process Designer & Developer and a bold Human Processes Facilitator.


A Strategic Management Expert, Chetan Parikh, apart from consulting SMEs is also a visiting faculty for Mumbai University and a number of other reputed business school in Mumbai.....
Having an experience of 30+ years in various domains and roles and his great sense of humor empower him with the ability to connect with all kinds of learners.
However, his passion of helping people, realize their purpose in life, discover their hidden potential and achieve their dreams are the driving forces, which attract Chetan to conduct all soft skills and behavioral programs.
Subtle humor is the tool which he uses with great mastery to make an impact on every learner’s mind and heart.


Dinesh has graduated from using chemicals to bring about change in the human body and mind, which facilitates healthy transformation.
A trained business administrator, he has over 19 years of experience.... in Training, Coaching, Developing Concepts and has held management positions at Ranbaxy Labs.
Diversity of skills, industries & a countrywide exposure empowers Dinesh to make the delegates benefit from his business experience and expertise. Dinesh has successfully trained more than 50000 Professionals & Executives on Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Development & Transformational workshops and has earned the title of ‘The Behavior Specialist’.
He is a Change Practitioner, who is practicing as a Professional Coach, who can draw on a range of models & frameworks.
Dinesh trains on a wide range of management and communication programs owing to his wide exposure to various industries. He is passionate in inspiring lives and transforming people.
Because of the dedication, he is well known for his highly-charged, energetic and power-packed training sessions.
1. Meta Coaching (Level 1 & 2) ISNS
2. NLP Practitioner (A NLP)
3. Master Practitioner (ISNS)
4. MBA (ITM)